Ruth Krug heals her depression by eating a vegan-whole foods diet.My name is Ruth Krug and I turned to a vegetarian diet-now a vegan whole diet food-for over nine years. By eating a completely whole foods diet, no meat, eggs, dairy or wheat, and and re-constructing a positive relationship with food: I have healed my depression, anxiety and post-traumatic stress.

As a former collegiate athlete, I struggled with an eating disorder, and I saw my body as the enemy.

I later realized my depression had engulfed my life.

I turned my life around by exploring alternative medicine starting with food. I examined how my overly-processed, under-nourished American diet of sugar, carbs and meat were crippling me.

I wanted a holistic solution to address my depression. I experimented with raw and gut-digestive foods. I continue to explore how different herbs, flowers and aromatherapy deepen my healing.

I traveled to India to study Eastern medicine, yoga, mindfulness, meditation and other natural approaches for healthy living. I studied and ate with monks, and other medicine men showed me how to align my mind, body and soul with my true self.

I believe your depression doesn’t just “go away.” It heals over time into something vibrant and meaningful. The more I experiment with food, the more I come back to my natural state of being.

I now embrace food and my body. It has taken years of hard work and determination, but I no longer take prescribed medication. Instead I turn whole vegan foods and herbs to change my state of mind and physical well-being.

By embracing my depression, I have discovered my creative and authentic self. I teach trauma sensitive yoga and coach others on holistic healing.


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