Eating Psychology


Almonds contain a feel-good amino acid take acts as a natural anti-depressant.

Eating psychology looks at who we are as eaters. That is, what we think, feel, and believe has a powerful effect on nutritional metabolism.

Mindful eaters increase their awareness of their own actions, thoughts, feelings, and motivations toward food.

Mario Markos, a children’s yoga instructor at Little Sprouts Yoga and eating-disorder health student at the Institute for Eating Psychology, said food provides a pathway for healing.

Markos, a food coach, struggled with depression. She believed in her work with sexual assault survivors, but her health was taking a toll as a result. The accumulation of years of stress and trauma caught up with her. Inspiration stemming from her work led her to embark on her own journey of healing by focusing on her relationship with food.

She continues to experiment with food, which has helped with her depression. She believes food is about celebration, joy and pleasure. She is practicing the art of slowing down and enjoying life in the moment: one bite at a time.

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